Is Your Training Engine Firing On All Pistons?

Pit Crew 3Ask us about our 8 Point Engine-Check Service!

For most training professionals, this is the time of year to take stock of your training programs and systems. As with high performance engines, we periodically inspect training programs to assure that they are in optimal working order. It’s likely that the hard driving of the previous year put some wear and tear on some parts of the system. The current year will introduce new market dynamics, competition, products and salesforce evolutions. What worked last year may need adjustments to work as well or better this year.

A frustrating reality, however, is that it’s hard to do evaluations when the wheels are in motion.  New hires are coming on board, products are being launched, and trainings are being scheduled and delivered. The race is on, and it can sometimes feel like trying to accomplish critical maintenance and repairs without a pit stop! Fortunately, we at Perceptum Group have been there, first as corporate training directors, and now as consultants and strategic partners. That’s why we offer our 8 Point Engine-Check Service.

(Special Time Limited Notice: Contact us and schedule your 8 Point-Engine Check Service by July 1, 2014, and we’ll provide this valuable service at no charge!)

In partnership with your team, we will review the eight checkpoints that comprise a fundamental strategic evaluation of training programs and systems. Just like the 8 pistons in a high performance engine, if any one or more of these checkpoints are not operating at full potential, the entire engine can falter or even fail to meet expectations:

1.)   Alignment with Sales/Marketing Objectives

2.)   Program Goal: Increasing Speed to Competency

3.)   Program Balance: Didactic vs. Practical, Mission Critical vs Functional

4.)   Testing and Diagnostics; Written vs Practical

5.)   Cultural Fit

6.)   Pre-Training Curriculum

7.)   Post Training Follow-Up, Reporting and Records Keeping

8.)   Fiscal/Logistical Operating Efficiencies

Each of these checkpoints has very specific considerations and, usually, very straight forward steps and solutions that can put you back on track and speeding towards the finish line. Through the years, we at Perceptum Group have seen it proven out time and again: Training teams that practice Continuous Quality Improvement through regular program evaluations and tune-ups are in a much better position to help their sales and marketing partners meet and beat their sales objectives.  Let us help your team optimize your training engine for performance!

To contact Perceptum Group: Email, or phone, (415) 596-0337. We’ll be happy to show you how we make this critical process fast, efficient and effective.

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